Regulations for Cuba Travel Unchanged

September 29, 2017By RichU.S. News No Comments

Regulations for Cuba Travel Remain Unchanged Have the regulations for Cuba travel changed for Americans? No. No changes in laws at all. My page on Cuba Travel Rules still holds true. There has been a lot of confusion on this issue since President Trump’s announcement of June 16th, announcing the end of individual travel. But…nothing … Read More

Trump Cuba Travel Restrictions

July 4, 2017By RichU.S. News No Comments

Trump Cuba Travel Changes Explained The Trump Cuba travel changes announced June 16th, 2017, are still a big unknown. What is known about the proposed changes is in the written Presidential Memorandum. What is unknown is what is to be written over the next few months outlining all the travel and business changes. What we … Read More

Cuban Cigars and Rum Limitation Lifted

October 21, 2016By RichU.S. News No Comments

Cuban Cigars and Rum Limitation of $100 Lifted “Bring back rum and cigars” was what I heard from friends when they found out I was going to Cuba. The cigar’s rich earthy flavor is known around the world. The unavailability in the US added to the mystique too. Even if you aren’t a cigar smoker, you … Read More

AT&T to Offer Cell Phone Coverage in Cuba

October 21, 2016By RichU.S. News No Comments

Cell Phone Coverage in Cuba by AT&T…Not Cheap! Cell phone coverage in Cuba had been non-existanrt. It is finally starting to change, but change doesn’t come cheap. Remember in our early cell phone days when we were out of our plan coverage area we had to pay roaming charges? Well, those roaming charges still apply … Read More

Cubans Get Fed, but not US-James Patterson

September 25, 2016By RichU.S. News No Comments

All Cubans get Fed-Author James Patterson James Patterson was interviewed by CBS This Morning while promoting his new documentary “Murder of a Small Town”. He seems to believe that Cuba takes care of the basics better than we do. All Cubans get fed, but not all Americans do, was the implication. Quote: “This is what’s going … Read More

An American Prepaid Card for Cuba. Soon!

September 24, 2016By RichU.S. News No Comments

 Launching an American Prepaid Card for Cuba Currently US Credit cards, debit cards, etc., don’t work in Cuba because no financial agreements have been worked out between the US and Cuba for banks to do so. This “Club Malecon” prepaid card for Cuba will be accepted at ATM’s and  at Cuban money exchange stores (CADECA). Since it … Read More

Houston Delegation to Cuba

September 23, 2016By RichU.S. News No Comments

My town of Houston, TX  is sending a delegation to Cuba this weekend. Mayor Sylvestor Turner will take a quick 3 day trip with the Houston delegation to pitch our city for possible future business and a possible preferred gateway to Cuba. I hope that works so I don’t have to fly to Florida first, … Read More

Still Congressional Division over US Flights

September 4, 2016By RichU.S. News No Comments

Homeland Security Issues a Problem I thought that since the first commercial flight has arrived in Cuba that the bugs and congressional divisions had been worked out…how naive I was. Congress has been trying to stall these flights for a long time, mainly for political purposes as usual. (Isn’t a half century long enough to … Read More