Ernest Hemingway's house in Havana, the Finca de Villa was bought by Hemingway in1940. This 1888 villa is 15 km SE of Havana, in San Francisco de Paula. Hemingway and his wife lived in this Cuban home until he left Cuba just after the Revolution. He died shortly after leaving, in 1960.

The Hemingway House sat vacant for a long time until converted into Museo Hemingway.

Peak through the windows and tour the grounds here.

Hemingway House Interior

Hemingway's house and grounds are impressive. It is set up as if he still lived in it. All of his furniture, books, magazines, hunting trophies, even his bed and typewriter are still there. Because there are thousands of objects in the house, visitors are not allowed in, but you can peak in the entry door and multiple big open windows and see all the rooms. (Because this is an external tour, visit on a day when rain is not expected.)  Some 10,000 documents stored in the basement were digitized in a joint US/Cuban project and are available online.

You feel like you have stepped back in time when you stand in the doorway and look at the 1950's furniture. Going out in the parking lot and seeing all the 1950's American cars adds to the effect.

Finca la Vigia, Hemingway's house, Havana

Finca la Vigia, Hemingway's house

Hemingway's boat Pilar

The tropical grounds and the big pool are impressive . His cute little pet cemetery for his cats, and his cool old wooden boat, Pilar are there too. Before you come here, see the 2016 movie, Papa Hemingway in Cuba. It shows the house, nude swimming in the pool, and the Pilar. The movie depicted Hemingway in Cuba just before the revolution and showed him assisting the rebels.

When you visit here, don't forget to include Old Havana in your itinerary. Two of Hemingway's favorite bars are there; El Floridita, and La Bodeguita del Medio.

"My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita" - Ernest Hemingway

The Hotel Ambos Mundos is Ernest Hemingway's Old Havana haunt. It is popular with tourists for that reason alone. However, it is on the 11/08/17 list of hotels not to be used by Americans.

Hemingway's boat Pilar

See video of Hemingway's Cuba House for more images of his boat, pool, bedroom with typewriter, and his cat cemetery.

Also look at Old Havana for other things to do in Havana.