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If you are like me and enjoy films made in Cuba, then you are also awaiting Cuba and the Cameraman. Netflix release date is November 24th, 2017.

The film, which premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival, follows the country’s trajectory over the past 45 years, from the its cautious optimism during the early 1970s; the 1980 Mariel Bay boatlift, where over 100,000 Cuban fled the island; to the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union; and the death of Fidel Castro last year.

Cuba and the Cameraman documentary
Documentary, Cuba and the Cameraman

Director Jon Alpert has been traveling to Cuba for over 40 years. His new documentary follows three Cuban families and their ups and downs throughout the decades. He documented how these families and Castro dealt with the serious challenges facing their country.

He started coming to Cuba with a film camera as a young man and continues today as a not-so-young man. His resulting documentary, which includes clips of his acquaintance with Fidel should give us an inside look at the craziness of Cuba.

I have never understood Cuba, so maybe a look from a different perspective will help. Be sure to see Cuba and the Camerman.

RealScreen reports the following about the upcoming film:

Alpert also obtained unprecedented access to Castro himself, showing an intimate side of the leader rarely seen by the public.

The award-winning documentarian of HBO’s 2006 doc Baghdad ER began filming in Cuba in 1972, having become fascinated with the country, its people, and its culture years earlier. With a small crew and a portable camera, Alpert began a decades-long chronicle of the communist country that was a longtime political foe of the U.S. and a mystery to much of the world.

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