Cuba’s Foot Powered Internet

November 19, 2017By RichPuzzling No Comments

Foot Powered Internet is Cuba’s Version of Netflix Cuba’s access to the internet is abysmal. Foot powered internet is their only option. Even as tourists in a fancy hotel lobby with our ETECSCA card the connection sucks. Cubans gathered around the wi-fi hotsposts have it worse. So, with only state-sponsored TV, how do Cubans manage to … Read More

Castro Cartoons after Death

December 10, 2016By RichPuzzling No Comments

Castro Cartoons Show Beloved & Hated Leader I don’t know of a leader who is more beloved and more hated than Fidel Castro. If you are in Cuba, how you feel is based upon your age and circumstance. He was a revolutionary hero to many, but a despot to most. The world has different feelings … Read More

Castro Quirks: Chocolatin to Pressure Cookers

December 5, 2016By RichPuzzling No Comments

Some Castro Quirks Cuba has a lot of strange rules, oddities, etc. Most of these are Castro quirks; the natural result of a small socialist country dictating the actions of all its citizens. Here are a few as reported by The Big Story AP.  See my page on Cuba Perplexities for more of the same. … Read More

Cuban Reaction to Trump Election

November 25, 2016By RichPuzzling No Comments

Cuban Reaction to Trump Election? Military Exercises War games in response to Donald Trump’s election has been reported by several sources. Diario de Cuba has a different take on it though. They think it is a total waste of time and resources…undoubtedly pissing off the government. I don’t know which government acts more crazily about … Read More