Cell Phone Coverage in Cuba by AT&T…Not Cheap!

Cell phone coverage in Cuba had been non-existanrt. It is finally starting to change, but change doesn’t come cheap. Remember in our early cell phone days when we were out of our plan coverage area we had to pay roaming charges? Well, those roaming charges still apply on some calls made by international travelers. Well, ATT’s roaming charges will start soon, but expensive: $3 per minute on the phone, $.50 per SMS text, $1.30 per MMS text, and $2.05 per MB of data. This compares to roaming charges of 20c/minute my son just paid in Costa Rica.
Read more about this here – Dallas Business Journal

AT&T to Offer Cell Phone Coverage in Cuba
AT&T to Offer Cell Phone Roaming in Cuba

This roaming and interconnect agreement is with the country’s government-owned telecommunications provider Empresa de Telecomunicaciones De Cuba in August. I am sure the Cuban company is squeezing as many dollars out of the tourist business as they can. The government of Cuba certainly has no understanding of the value of competitive businesses.

I think Sprint has or will soon have a similar plan.

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