My town of Houston, TX  is sending a delegation to Cuba this weekend. Mayor Sylvestor Turner will take a quick 3 day trip with the Houston delegation to pitch our city for possible future business and a possible preferred gateway to Cuba. I hope that works so I don’t have to fly to Florida first, then to Cuba.

Houston delegation to Cuba
Havana: Edsels and horse carts

Cuba needs oil and agricultural help. That’s two things Texans know about. We just need to get our politicians off their butts and start relaxing regulations. Since our election is only a few weeks away, nothing will happen until that settles down. Politicians care only about votes and the Cuban American vote in Florida seems to always be important…ridiculous.

Governments are slow to change, and both our governments are stuck in the past, resulting in harm to the people of Cuba.

Anyway, I wish them luck. Our governor of Texas  went there last November, and now Houston group is going. I hope Raúl Castro finds Texans easier to work with than Yankees.

Quote: “In announcing the Sept. 25-27 trip, a joint effort of the city and the Greater Houston Partnership, Turner said he wants to promote Houston as “the preferred U.S. gateway for travel to Cuba” and to explore new opportunities “under the more relaxed relationship” with the country of 11 million people.
Havana has become a popular destination for American politicians, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who led a trip there last November to, among other things, drum up business for Texas agricultural producers.”

The entire Houston Chronicle article.

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