Walking the Streets of Old Havana

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The Captivating Streets of Old Havana If you have been to Old Havana  the old Squares and fantastic old colonial buildings and churches have amazed you. But if you haven’t wandered the cobbled side streets of Old Havana, you haven’t experienced the City Maybe you walked down and couple of side streets, but didn’t want … Read More

Malecon Photos-Iconic Havana

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Malecon Photos – Iconic Havana Every tourist visiting Havana comes back with Malecon photos. Photos of the sea crashing against the seawall; photos of classic American cars cruising the boulevard; and of course the great old mansions lining the strip, grandiose in the fading colors and advanced decay. The curving seawall and boulevard that protects … Read More

CocoTaxi Ride in Havana – Video

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CocoTaxi Rides in Havana: Fun and Noisy Taxis are an easy way to get around Havana; cocotaxi rides are especially fun. You have all kinds of choices when it comes to taxis. Classic Old American cars are the best of course but save them for your luxury trips to remote locations. You want enough time … Read More

Classic Cars in Havana

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Iconic Classic Cars in Havana After a couple of trips to Havana you might tire of visiting old colonial forts and even classic cathedrals, but one thing Americans never tire of is seeing  the old classic cars in Havana. See page on Havana for things to do. The photos below are a few  I took … Read More