Launching an American Prepaid Card for Cuba

Currently US Credit cards, debit cards, etc., don’t work in Cuba because no financial agreements have been worked out between the US and Cuba for banks to do so. This “Club Malecon” prepaid card for Cuba will be accepted at ATM’s and  at Cuban money exchange stores (CADECA). Since it doesn’t have the onerous exchange fee, it will be the most cost effective method of Americans to exchange currency.

American prepaid card for Cuba
You won’t need so much cash when prepaid Malecon Card comes out.

The biggest fear I have in Cuba is running out of money. Without credit cards or ATM’s you have no back up. While in Cuba you have to constantly watch how much money you are spending each day and the number of days you have left. When this card comes out (in October?) this fear will be in the past.

Complete details on the “Club Malecon” Card can be found here.

Card details: No hidden fees, No minimum deposit, Easy to use throughout Cuba, Cross-services usable, ,  US$10,000 limit, a PIN code to increase security, The Club Malecon Card complies 100% with both Cuban Banking and Security Laws. It can be used by residents for remittances. The Club Malecon Card balance is maintained in US Dollars

Any unused deposits on the Club Malecon Instant Issue Card will be refunded without penalty. Hurray for the first American pre-paid card for Cuba.

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