Video of Remedios, Cuba and Caibarien

Remedios, Cuba is a sleepy little town off the beaten tourist path, but a must-see & do if you fly into Santa Clara. It is about an hour away, as you head toward the beaches of Cayo Santa Maria.
The video shows the gorgeous colonial plaza with the Church of San Juan Bautista. A simple exterior, but housing 13 gold altars.

You won’t be hustled in Remedios. The only people who approached me was an old guy who asked if I was Americano, and seemed happy to find out I was, and a guy selling chile peanuts. I love spicy peanuts.
If you travel from Santa Clara to the Cayo Santa Maria, you will travel through Remedios, then through Caibarien, the gateway to the keys. The video above shows Caibarien’s own seawall, lined with coconut trees.

Caibarien, like a lot of Cuban towns also has its own art project, Color Miel, a bee-centric neighborhood center. That’s right…honey bees. It focuses on raising honey bees and bee related art. You will find art related neighborhood projects all over Cuba.