Video of Havana’s Malecon

Havana’s Malecon is its life blood. A 5 mile long strip of boulevard and seawall that separate the sea from Havana. It is where classic cars parade, tourists stroll and locals hang out.
The drama of the Malecon is the miles of decaying mansions on one side of the boulevard, while the other side holds back the sea. The juxtaposition of bright blue water against a backdeop of pastel colored peeling, crumbling buildings is stunning. It is THE thing you will remember most about Havana.

I have often called the Malecon Cuba’s stage. Friends gather here in the evening for a cool breeze; fishermen come here to help feed the family; tourists enjoy the drama and the sights; hustlers come here to hook a tourist. The hustlers are not a bad thing; they might offer to show you around; get you a drink; sell you cheap cigars. Everyone in Cuba has some kind of side hustle…that is a fact of life on this struggling island.
Sunset on the Malecon is romantic and impressive.. The low, golden rays of the sun illuminate the crumbling old mansions and make everything glow.

My page on the Malecon has more description

This video of Havana’s Malecon shows the Sunset.

The elevated grounds of the sprawling Hotel Nacional is a natural vantage point overlooking the long gently curving Malecon. The outdoor bar (next to the old, giant cannon) is popular viewing spot.

The restaurant Castropol, in Habana Centro, is more in the middle of the Malecon. Great place to see and hear the constant stream of classic American cars.