The Captivating Streets of Old Havana

If you have been to Old Havana  the old Squares and fantastic old colonial buildings and churches have amazed you. But if you haven’t wandered the cobbled side streets of Old Havana, you haven’t experienced the City

Maybe you walked down and couple of side streets, but didn’t want to venture too far from the other tourists. Get over it. Go out and get lost…wander around. You can always find your way back to the Malecon, or the Prado, or some landmark you will recognize.

If you haven’t yet hit the highlights, see my page and video of Old Havana Attractions.

The side streets of Old Havana are the most interesting.

People live on side streets, sitting on steps talking, the cart loaded with giant avocados being sold on the street, the open-air meat market. All this takes place with a back drop of crumbling old buildings, and piles of rubble that used to be buildings. You find the unexpected when walking the streets of Old Havana and Central Havana
These shots were taken while walking from my casa (casa particular)  in Central Havana and Old Havana. These are not the big attractions, just simple side streets where people live.

The opulence of Havana’s past is everywhere. From simple Colonial style to Gothic mansions. All fascinating, most in disrepair. No one has money for the upkeep needed.

mansions in Old Havana
Imagine what this mansion looked like before the Revolution

Because people depend on each other to survive, they interact more. If you need something your neighbor will know somebody who knows somebody who can provide it for you. We Americans have access to what we need. We may not be able to afford something, but we can find it, we can charge it. In Cuba you can’t find it in stores, you don’t have money for it either. You have to improvise, or know someone who can “resolver” the problem.

meat market on side street of Old Havana
Open air meat market
Old Havana streets-dominos
I guess dominoes are played everywhere

streets of Habana Vieja

fruit cart on streets of Old Havana
Fruit being sold on street

Streets of Old Havana

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