Homeland Security Issues a Problem

Homeland Security issues latest ploy to slow Cuba flights
Homeland Security issues latest ploy to slow Cuba flight

I thought that since the first commercial flight has arrived in Cuba that the bugs and congressional divisions had been worked out…how naive I was.

Congress has been trying to stall these flights for a long time, mainly for political purposes as usual. (Isn’t a half century long enough to hold a grudge and garner Florida/ Cuban votes?)

I don’t know if the latest tactic is just a continuation of this political fight, or if there is a real concern, but they are bringing Homeland Security into the issue. The security in Cuba doesn’t meet American standards.

Quoting from the article link below: “Despite continued concerns about the safety and security of Cuba’s airports, the Administration rushed resuming regularly scheduled commercial flights to Cuba — again putting security concerns far behind the President’s legacy building effort,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told The Hill in a statement.

“Once Congress is back in session, I plan to move legislation through my Homeland Security Committee to force DHS and GAO to both identify and close any and all of the major security gaps that currently exist.”

It looks like the critics of Cuba travel are going to flights as difficult as possible.

See the original article here.



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