United Airlines Starts Houston To Havana Direct Flights

Finally flights from my city; direct Houston to Havana flights started Saturday. Saturday only for now, but United Airlines is now flying direct to the capitol of Cuba.
Flight UA 1506 inaugaural flight took off from Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) last Saturday morning and landed 2 1/2 hours later at Havana (HAV).

First United Airline Houston to Havana flight
First United Airline Houston to Havana flight

Everything in the airline world is subject to change, but right now UAL 1506 is scheduled to leave (Saturdays only!) at 10;23 am and arrive at 1:53 pm.

$512 was the cheapest fare listed on their site, but who knows. Be careful when checking United flights though, they show flights to Havana leaving daily from IAH but they go through Newark. Newark..that makes no sense!
United was given approval for a Houston flight because Houston is their gateway city of Latin America.
Here is a fluff piece that the Houston Chronicle wrote about the first Houston to Havana flight.

See my page on How to Travel for travel requirements.

If you want flights strictly to Havana, this post shows which airlines have been awarded US to Havana flights.

There are a lot of other destination cities in Cuba to pick from though, check out the US Flights to non-Havana cities



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