Castro Cartoons Show Beloved & Hated Leader

I don’t know of a leader who is more beloved and more hated than Fidel Castro. If you are in Cuba, how you feel is based upon your age and circumstance. He was a revolutionary hero to many, but a despot to most. The world has different feelings toward Fidel too. These Castro cartoons stab at the heart of the quandary.

His legacy won’t be sorted out for years and the bitter disputes don’t make for light reading, but cartoons can make a point with few words.

Fusion shows cartoons from around the world in Tyrant or Hero.

Bob Moran's Castro cartoons
Bob Moran’s Castro cartoon

See a whole spectrum of cartoon viewpoints at link above. One of my favorites is show above by  Bob Moran, Political Cartoonist for the Saturday and Sunday Telegraph. Below is opposite viewpoint from Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

Mohamed Kaci Castro cartoons

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