Cuban Reaction to Trump Election? Military Exercises

War games in response to Donald Trump’s election has been reported by several sources. Diario de Cuba has a different take on it though. They think it is a total waste of time and resources…undoubtedly pissing off the government.

Reaction to Trump election-military exercises
I don’t know which government acts more crazily about the other; US or Cuba. Our politician goes berserk anytime Cuba is mentioned. They say it is about human rights, which sounds good, but it is only about getting votes. If a politician is running for office he will say whatever gets him the most votes. Right now, more votes are garnered by being against relaxing the Cuban embargo. This is sad, but true.

Cubans are upset over Trump’s election and whether it means our tentative steps toward reconciliation will come to an end. I do believe that Trump will come to his senses about trade with our neighbor off the Florida coast. Trump desperately needed Cuban-American votes so he acted like a politician for a few weeks. However,he is a very astute is a business man, and knows that trade will build our relationship and hopefully lead to some reforms in Cuba allowing for more freedoms there. This crazy embargo has certainly accomplished nothing in 50 years.

Most Americans and most Cubans would welcome a closer connection between countries.

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