Fusterlandia, Jose Fuster’s Fantasy Land

Looking for something else to do in Havana? Do you like Gaudi? If so, go immediately to the area of Jaimanitas, just west of Central Havana. This whole neighborhood has been turned into a kaleidioscope of mosaic art.
Colorful, flowing, twisted mosaics cover everything in sight. Houses, walls, sidewalks, pools, fountains…towering spires of colorful tile.
You have entered Fusterlandia. This Havana-area art project started some 20 years ago by Cuban artist, José Fuster, has taken over a majority of the neighborhood.

Entry to Fusterlandia
Entry to Fusterlandia

There are a lot of art projects around Havana. Turning into this little neighborhood, you know you are entering a different world. Fuster has been compared to Picasso and Gaudi. He wanted to create something similar to Gaudi’s  public works in Barcelona.

In 1975 he started converting his own house and studio into a piece  of public art. He then did a neighbor’s house and the project spread. This once run-down neighborhood is an art center and a tourist attraction.

Most of the neighborhood is transformed

Sign posts, bus stops, benches, all turned into works of art in this neighborhood nicknamed, Fusterlandia.

Jose Fuster’s home and studio were the first transformation.

Fuster’s studio takes center stage, Taller-Estudio José Fuster. The entire area is covered in sculpture and art art, flowing from one piece to another and tied together with mosaic tile.



Stepping into  Jose Fuster’s grounds is like entering a child’s fairyland book. All covered in bright, colorful tiles. Sculptures, art, iconic symbols abound. There is even a mosaic pool in this fantasy land.

Jose Fuster’s home is dazzling