CocoTaxi Rides in Havana: Fun and Noisy

Taxis are an easy way to get around Havana; cocotaxi rides are especially fun.

You have all kinds of choices when it comes to taxis. Classic Old American cars are the best of course but save them for your luxury trips to remote locations. You want enough time to enjoy the experience. Ride down the Malecon in a 59 Chevy convertible for a memory that will last forever.

There are new taxis...plain and blah. For a cheap, asphyxiating ride take an old Russian Lada. These old cars are impossible to kill, but aren't fun. Try to hold your breath as much as possible, because the exhaust fumes can be pretty bad.

A fourth, more fun and invigorating way to travel is the Cocotaxi. These 3-wheeled, 3-seat vehicles, are like giant bright yellow fiberglass coconuts. You are open-air and blasted around by a two-stroke engine. Cheaper than regular taxis and more fun. Tak ethem when you are tired of walking. You can wave them down on any busy street.

cocotaxi rides in Havana

Cocotaxi Rides are the Way to Go

My son and I stayed in Central Havana in a casa particular (a room in a private house, like in AirBnb). Getting around from this location is easy. We could walk to parks, restaurants, the Malecon and Old Havana (La Habana Vieja).
Our first day in Havana we walked 20,00 steps per my Fitbit (~10 miles). That is a tough pace to keep up though, so we began taking more taxis. The Cocotaxi was definitely the most fun.

fun cocotaxi ride, Havana

Now, jump in the little cocotaxi and buzz through old Havana into Central Havana, to the casa particular, Casa Deysi

CocoTaxi Ride in Old Havana

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