Iconic Classic Cars in Havana

After a couple of trips to Havana you might tire of visiting old colonial forts and even classic cathedrals, but one thing Americans never tire of is seeing  the old classic cars in Havana. See page on Havana for things to do.
The photos below are a few  I took in September of 2017 before being chased off the island by Hurricane Irma.

The photo below shows taxis lined up in front of the new 5 star Gran Hotel Habana.

old American cars outside Gran Hotel Havana
Cars lined up outside Gran Hotel Havana

Keeping the  original color is critical for U.S. car purists. In Cuba though, just keeping the car running is an amazing feat. The choices of paint colors cover the spectrum.

classic cars in Havana, Cuba
Pink is a common color for classic cars in Cuba, but even polka dots are found.

Taxis in Havana range from classic American cars, crappy Soviet era Ladas (be prepared to breath exhaust fumes), to Coco Taxis and pedicabs.

The pedicab is shown below.

Classic cars and pedicabs
Classic cars and pedicabs


The old cars match the old neighborhoods.

Old classic car in Havana
The old cars fit in with old buildings

Wherever there are tourist locations you will find classic cars waiting for fares. This one is at Alamendares Park.

Ownership of a classic car has prestige

Tight streets make for interesting parking situations.

Parking is not easy on narrow streets

Keeping classic American cars running takes special skills in making and modifying parts. This is another example of Cubans doing the impossible.

keeping classic cars running in Havana
Keeping them running

Everyone should do a night drive on the Malecon in an old convertible. The surging water on one side, crumbling old pastel mansions on the other. Combine this with island music, rum, the sea breeze and you have an unbelievable experience.

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