Cuba Medicine Shortage-No Cash to Pay

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Cuba Medicine Shortages are Not New The more I learn about Cuba, the less I know. It is the most perplexing country I have been too. But even I know that Cuba medicine shortage has always been a problem. Cuba’s medical system has been called a model system by its proponents; one that should be emulated. … Read More

Changes to Cuba Travel Rules

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Trump Changes to Cuba Travel Rules The Trump changes to Cuba travel rules have finally been issued. The new restrictions are not as onerous as had been feared. They took effect Nov 9th 2017. What the administration is trying to do is steer visitor money away from the hotels and businesses owned or operated by … Read More

Cuba and the Cameraman – Stream on Netflix

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Cuba and the Cameraman-Netflix If you are like me and enjoy films made in Cuba, then you are also awaiting Cuba and the Cameraman. Netflix release date is November 24th, 2017. The film, which premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival, follows the country’s trajectory over the past 45 years, from the its cautious optimism … Read More

Cuba Recovering from Hurricane Irma

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Cuba Recovering from Hurricane The people I talked to in Havana had differing opinions of the approaching hurricane Irma. “No big deal, they always turn before reaching Havana” seemed to be the prevailing opinion, but a few people said that it would be bad. It turned out to be bad, but it looks lie Cuba … Read More

Flooded Havana Streets

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Flooded Havana Streets after Irma Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in Cuba. The capital avoided the worst of the storm but Havana streets flooded and ancient buildings collapsed. They did not collapse because of winds; they collapsed because these crumbling ancient buildings can barely stand on good days.  Old Havana has some stunning, restored colonial buildings … Read More

Irma Effects on the Malecon, Havana

September 15, 2017By RichCuba News No Comments

Irma Effects on the Malecon are Dramatic My son, Jeff and I were in Havana just before Irma hit the island, staying in Casa Deysi in  Habana Centro . We debated whether to stay or not, but having just gotten through Hurricane Harvey in Houston (no wind but 50 inches of rain) we decided one … Read More

Cuban Doctors-Being Sent Around the World-Ted Talk

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Gail Reed: Training Cuban Doctors One of the things that Cuba does right is to train doctors, lots of doctors, and sends these Cuban doctors back into the world. Often to places where medical service doesn’t exist. I did not realize the extent of Cuba’s efforts until I ran across this Ted Talk from 2014. … Read More

Turn Guantanamo Base into a Marine Research Base?

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Another option for the American Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay had been suggested over a year ago. It has gotten attention again at the February 18th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting panel; Protecting the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean: Cuba’s Marine Ecosystems. Turn Guantanamo base into a marine life … Read More

Fight Prostitution in Cuba, Castro’s Daughter

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Prostitution in Cuba is illegal, as it is in most countries. However, like in most countries, it exists. In Cuba it seems to be tolerated by society, ignored by the police. They keep it low keyed, but the problem to me seems to be the age of the girls involved…young. Cuba is a poor country; kept … Read More

Respectful Cuba Dialog-Raul’s Request of US

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Raul Castro asks a respectful Cuba dialog from US At least Raul Castro is seeking a dialog with the US. I have been waiting for the new Trump administration to mention Cuba. During the campaign he always said Cuba needed to show progress in human rights if relations are to thaw. It’s only been a week … Read More