Castropol Paladar- Great Food, Overlooking the Malecon

Experiencing the Malecon was the big reason for dining at the Castropol paladar. 107 Malecon is one of the restored mansions lining the Malecon.  Tall ceilings, stone columns, beautiful interior.  Restoration is slow, or is never going to happen all with hundreds of surrounding buildings. This is the attraction of this long curving expanse of boulevard: the seawall and ocean on one side, a curtain of decaying multi-story mansions on the other side of a wide, popular boulevard.

Sitting on the upstairs terrrace of the Castropol was fantastic. A perfect observation point to watch the constant stream of people and cars. Watching the sun set and feeling the ocean breeze added to the experience.

Seafood Zarzuela at Castropol paladar, Havana
Seafood Zarzuela at Castropol paladar

The full name of the Castropol paladar is Society Asturiana Castropol

A paladar is a privately owned restaurant, as opposed to a state operated restaurant. Being privately owned, the paladar has more flexibilty in menu and can be more creative. It also sinks or swims based upon how well it is liked by its patrons, mainly tourists.

We sat on the upstairs terrace. The view of the water and the Malecon is what we wanted.  To drink mojitos while feeling the sea breeze and watching people mill about in this exotic location is exhilarating. To add to the effect was a constant stream of classic old American cars going by. The horn-blowing, the old ah-oo-ga horns, people meeting and greeting. Just an amazing scene happening below.

It was hot that September day (Cuba is always hot, I really should visit in Winter) but as we watched, the sun slowly set and more people were drawn to the seawall and its ocean breeze.

View of the Malecon from paladar Castropol, Havana
View of the Malecon from Castropol restaurant.

Havana has a huge selection of restaurants. We wound up at the Castropol for two reasons: It was a quick walk from Casa Deysi where we stayed in Habana Centro; it was on the Malecon so we could overlook the water, and it was recommended by the casa owner.
We were not disappointed. The food was fantastic, the view spectacular (can a person ever get tired of the Malecon?) and the drinks put us in a Havana mood.

Castropol paladarl on the Malecon, Havana

Tripadvisor gives the Castropol 4-5 stars too.

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