Cuba Medicine Shortage-No Cash to Pay

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Cuba Medicine Shortages are Not New The more I learn about Cuba, the less I know. It is the most perplexing country I have been too. But even I know that Cuba medicine shortage has always been a problem. Cuba’s medical system has been called a model system by its proponents; one that should be emulated. … Read More

Cuba’s Foot Powered Internet

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Foot Powered Internet is Cuba’s Version of Netflix Cuba’s access to the internet is abysmal. Foot powered internet is their only option. Even as tourists in a fancy hotel lobby with our ETECSCA card the connection sucks. Cubans gathered around the wi-fi hotsposts have it worse. So, with only state-sponsored TV, how do Cubans manage to … Read More

Walking the Streets of Old Havana

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The Captivating Streets of Old Havana If you have been to Old Havana  the old Squares and fantastic old colonial buildings and churches have amazed you. But if you haven’t wandered the cobbled side streets of Old Havana, you haven’t experienced the City Maybe you walked down and couple of side streets, but didn’t want … Read More

Changes to Cuba Travel Rules

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Trump Changes to Cuba Travel Rules The Trump changes to Cuba travel rules have finally been issued. The new restrictions are not as onerous as had been feared. They took effect Nov 9th 2017. What the administration is trying to do is steer visitor money away from the hotels and businesses owned or operated by … Read More

Cuba and the Cameraman – Stream on Netflix

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Cuba and the Cameraman-Netflix If you are like me and enjoy films made in Cuba, then you are also awaiting Cuba and the Cameraman. Netflix release date is November 24th, 2017. The film, which premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival, follows the country’s trajectory over the past 45 years, from the its cautious optimism … Read More

Malecon Photos-Iconic Havana

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Malecon Photos – Iconic Havana Every tourist visiting Havana comes back with Malecon photos. Photos of the sea crashing against the seawall; photos of classic American cars cruising the boulevard; and of course the great old mansions lining the strip, grandiose in the fading colors and advanced decay. The curving seawall and boulevard that protects … Read More

Castropol Paladar, Havana

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 Castropol Paladar- Great Food, Overlooking the Malecon Experiencing the Malecon was the big reason for dining at the Castropol paladar. 107 Malecon is one of the restored mansions lining the Malecon.  Tall ceilings, stone columns, beautiful interior.  Restoration is slow, or is never going to happen all with hundreds of surrounding buildings. This is the … Read More

CocoTaxi Ride in Havana – Video

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CocoTaxi Rides in Havana: Fun and Noisy Taxis are an easy way to get around Havana; cocotaxi rides are especially fun. You have all kinds of choices when it comes to taxis. Classic Old American cars are the best of course but save them for your luxury trips to remote locations. You want enough time … Read More

Classic Cars in Havana

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Iconic Classic Cars in Havana After a couple of trips to Havana you might tire of visiting old colonial forts and even classic cathedrals, but one thing Americans never tire of is seeing  the old classic cars in Havana. See page on Havana for things to do. The photos below are a few  I took … Read More

Regulations for Cuba Travel Unchanged

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Regulations for Cuba Travel Remain Unchanged Have the regulations for Cuba travel changed for Americans? No. No changes in laws at all. My page on Cuba Travel Rules still holds true. There has been a lot of confusion on this issue since President Trump’s announcement of June 16th, announcing the end of individual travel. But…nothing … Read More