Gail Reed: Training Cuban Doctors

One of the things that Cuba does right is to train doctors, lots of doctors, and sends these Cuban doctors back into the world. Often to places where medical service doesn't exist.
I did not realize the extent of Cuba's efforts until I ran across this Ted Talk from 2014.
I quote from Gail Reed's transcript:

Havana's Latin American Medical School: It's the largest medical school in the world, graduating 23,000 young doctors since its first class of 2005, with nearly 10,000 more in the pipeline. Its mission, to train physicians for the people who need them the most: the over one billion who have never seen a doctor, the people who live and die under every poverty line ever invented. Its students defy all norms. They're the school's biggest risk and also its best bet. They're recruited from the poorest, most broken places on our planet by a school that believes they can become not just the good but the excellent physicians their communities desperately need, that they will practice where most doctors don't, in places not only poor but oftentimes dangerous, carrying venom antidotes in their backpacks or navigating neighborhoods riddled by drugs, gangs and bullets, their home ground.

For the few of you who don't like videos, a transcript of the Ted Talk about Cuban doctors is at this link:
Interactive Transcript
The Ted Tak video is shown below.

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