Turn Guantanamo Base into a Marine Research Base?

March 3, 2017By RichCuba News No Comments

Another option for the American Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay had been suggested over a year ago. It has gotten attention again at the February 18th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting panel; Protecting the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean: Cuba’s Marine Ecosystems. Turn Guantanamo base into a marine life … Read More

Fight Prostitution in Cuba, Castro’s Daughter

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Prostitution in Cuba is illegal, as it is in most countries. However, like in most countries, it exists. In Cuba it seems to be tolerated by society, ignored by the police. They keep it low keyed, but the problem to me seems to be the age of the girls involved…young. Cuba is a poor country; kept … Read More

Respectful Cuba Dialog-Raul’s Request of US

February 2, 2017By RichCuba News No Comments

Raul Castro asks a respectful Cuba dialog from US At least Raul Castro is seeking a dialog with the US. I have been waiting for the new Trump administration to mention Cuba. During the campaign he always said Cuba needed to show progress in human rights if relations are to thaw. It’s only been a week … Read More

Sea Turtles in Cuba

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Sea Turtles in Cuba Natural Reserve If you want beautiful isolated beaches, wildlife and sea turtles in Cuba, the far western tip of the republic,  Pinar del Rio Province is the place to be. Guanahacabibes National Park is here; it is also a nesting place for an average 300 green turtles each year, as well as … Read More

US Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy Ends for Cuba

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The US “wet foot, dry foot” immigration policy for Cuba came to an 10 days ago as President Obama changed regulations. It seems odd that this would be one of his acts as he is practically walking out the door. I always thought this was a horrible policy that encouraged people to make the perilous trip from … Read More

Cuban Dissidents Arrested at New Year

January 5, 2017By RichCuba News No Comments

New Year without Fidel is Unchanged-Cuban Dissidents Arrested Cuban dissidents arrested on New Years day. January 1st in Cuba not only marks the New Year but is also the anniversary of the Revolution, when Fidel Castro and his small group of revolutionaries overthrew Fulgencio Batista’s corrupt government. This is the first celebration since Fidel’s death back … Read More

Americans Push Cuba Travel up in 2016

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Americans Help Push Cuba Travel up 13% Well, there is good news and bad: the good news is that American and European travel pushed Cuba travel to over 4 million visitors last year; up 13% over 2015. This was a record for tourism. Tourism is the second largest source of cash for Cuba, so this … Read More

Flights to Cuba Cut? Too Much Too Fast?

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Now that flights to Cuba have been operating for a couple of months a little shake out may be occurring. In the last 2 weeks United Airline just started their Newark to Havana flight and  their Saturday only direct Houston to Havana flights. At the same time American Airlines announced cut back of 3 or their … Read More

Fidel Castro Funeral- After Nine Days of Mourning

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Private Fidel Castro Funeral Nine days of public mourning came to an end last Sunday in Santiago de Cuba at Fidel Castro’s funeral. His ashes were interred in a large, nondescript granite block. Crowds were kept back for a semi-private ceremony with family members and select officials. Fidel’s brother, Raul, placed the ashes into the … Read More

Castro Cartoons after Death

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Castro Cartoons Show Beloved & Hated Leader I don’t know of a leader who is more beloved and more hated than Fidel Castro. If you are in Cuba, how you feel is based upon your age and circumstance. He was a revolutionary hero to many, but a despot to most. The world has different feelings … Read More